Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Phoenix Knight

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Lady Bellamy has a wedding to plan and little time for anything else. When her old lover Silvia, a beautiful dryad, shows up on orders to kill her, however, even a wedding must be set aside in favor of finding and capturing the person who would gladly ensure not just Bellamy's death, but that of the innocent who will die if she fails...

The Phoenix Knight, my bestiary story is out and I couldn’t be happier. This story is my first f/f story and one of my favorites. I wrote it for the friend that helped me get through Shadow of a Dream as a present for being awesome and she's already begun demanding more stories.

I really hope you enjoy it and check out the other stories in the Bestiary collection. LT3 has gathered a group of fabulous authors and some of my personal favorites in this awesome collection. Also, the awesome artist for this collection can be found here. Isn't the phoenix pretty? I think so!

The next story in this world, The Dragon Slayer, has actually already been accepted by Less Than Three Press and I'm really excited to be to tell you more stories in this world. I'll post more when I have the information.

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